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Do’s and Don’ts for Patriotic Pet Owners

When preparing for the upcoming July Fourth holiday, don’t forget about your pet. Picnics, pyrotechnics, and pets don’t mix well, and the patriotic celebrations may harm your four-legged friend. Our team at Little Animal Hospital shares do’s and don’ts to ensure your pet stays safe during the festivities.  DO leave your pet at home Your [...]

Scratch That Itch: 10 Things To Know About Pet Allergies

Millions of people suffer from allergies—to mold, pollen, dust mites, and their own pets. While we have yet to diagnose a pet’s allergy to their owner, veterinarians treat dogs and cats who suffer from many of the same allergens as their owners. Given the frequency of pets’ allergies, learn to recognize this prevalent condition’s signs [...]

Uncovering the Truth of Heartworm Disease in Pets

Many myths litter the internet and in-person discussions about heartworm disease, and its effect on pets, wildlife, and people. Separating the truth from misinformation can be tricky and, in some cases, harmful to your furry pal if you follow wrong opinions. To set the story straight, Little Animal Hospital is shedding light on common misconceptions [...]

Pet Toxin Tales

Your pet doesn’t always know what’s best, and they can be tempted by the taste or smell of some dangerous substances in your home. Our team at Little Animal Hospital wants to help by providing information on toxins commonly found in many households. We enlisted the help of some four-legged friends, to get their perspective [...]

The Tooth Fairy’s Advice On Pet Dental Health

Pet dental care is critical to maintaining your pet’s health and wellbeing. In addition to being extremely painful, oral disease can lead to serious systemic illness. Who knows about dental health better than the Tooth Fairy? Our team at Little Animal Hospital asked the Tooth Fairy to help us offer advice that will ensure your [...]

6 Ways To Extend Your Pet’s Healthy Years

All too often, pets leave us before we are ready. While time stops for no man—and no pet—you can take steps to try and slow down time, effectively adding years to your pet’s life. A proactive approach is required to detect and treat diseases in early stages, or prevent them altogether.  As the old adage [...]

Caring Through Their Golden Years—What Senior Pet Owners Should Know

Providing appropriate care for your pet as they enter their golden years can help improve their overall wellbeing, and prolong their life. Our team at Little Animal Hospital wants to help you provide exceptional care for your senior pet by offering information that all senior pet owners should know. Senior pet owners should know when [...]

Weight Watchers for Pets

As human obesity rises, a comparable rise has been observed in pets, and while weight loss programs and inspirational quotes abound for pet owners, these techniques aren’t helpful for pets. Our team at Little Animal Hospital wants to motivate your pet’s weight loss by offering advice to make the process easier. Weight watchers need to [...]

Trading Cat Spaces with Tiger and Miss Kitty

In this blog post, Little Animal Hospital proudly presents Trading Cat Spaces with your feline hosts, Tiger and Miss Kitty. In this episode, these cats battle it out as Tiger and his team make some questionable design decisions, while Miss Kitty and her crew hit a home run. Whether Tiger’s team or Miss Kitty’s crew [...]

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