Summertime Tick-Borne Disease Prevention for Pets

Spring, with its blooming trees and flowers, is the most beautiful season to spend outside with your pet before the intense summer heat kicks in. But, spring is also when ticks are most active and can threaten your pet’s health with tick-borne diseases. Little Animal Hospital wants to help pet owners enjoy the outdoors with [...]

AAHA Proud—How AAHA Accreditation Benefits Pets

Choosing a family veterinarian is a big decision, one that impacts your pet’s health and wellbeing for years to come. While many good veterinary practices exist, your pet deserves better than good. They deserve the highest-quality care, and the best way to ensure your pet receives this standard of care is to choose a veterinary [...]

7 Laser Therapy Benefits for Pets

Most pet owners have experienced the anguish of seeing their furry friend in pain, whether from an acute, short-term injury or a chronic condition. While traditional pain and anti-inflammatory medications are helpful, they do not actively hasten tissue healing and are not always the safest option, especially for older pets or those with other health [...]

How to Pet-Proof Every Room in Your House

Like children, pets enjoy exploring their surroundings, but sometimes that can get them into trouble. When you have a young child, you take precautions by child-proofing your home to ensure their safety, and pet-proofing is equally important for your four-legged kid’s safety. Placing dangerous items out of your pet’s reach requires you to take a [...]

FAQs About Professional Veterinary Dental Cleanings

Oral disease can be painful for your pet and routine professional veterinary dental cleanings are an important part of their health care plan. Our Little Animal Hospital team wants to ensure your pet maintains a healthy mouth, and we provide answers to frequently asked questions about these procedures. Question: Why does my pet need a [...]

Cold Weather Pet Safety Dos and Don’ts

Texas winters are milder than in many states, but we do see cold weather, which can mean trouble for our pets without appropriate safety precautions. In the thick of winter, our team at Little Animal Hospital is here to help ensure your pet stays safe, warm, and out of danger during the cold months with [...]

Holiday Pet Safety is Always a Good Idea

The holiday season is special, and the sentimental movies leave us yearning for our own perfect holiday fairytale. Traditions such as sipping cocoa by the fire and walking in the snow wrap us in holiday magic. However, return to reality before the festivities begin, and consider how you can prepare to ensure your pet’s safety. [...]

A Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Is Easy As Pie

Thanksgiving is a time when friends and family gather around a meal to reflect on gratitude—including being grateful that you snagged a seat on the opposite side of the table from your eccentric uncle who loves talking politics. Your pet may not appreciate that they do not have a place at the table, given all [...]

Concerning Pet Obesity Statistics

Pet obesity is an epidemic in the United States, and excess weight can increase your pet’s risk for several serious health complications. Our Little Animal Hospital team shares statistics about pet obesity to demonstrate this serious problem, and to offer advice to help you safeguard your four-legged friend. #1: The majority of U.S. pets are [...]

Interpreting Your Pet’s Blood Work

Blood work, such as a complete blood count (CBC) and biochemistry profile, are noninvasive tests that provide information about your pet’s general health. These diagnostics are commonly recommended when a pet is sick, undergoing an anesthetic procedure, and for routine wellness checks. When blood work is performed on your pet, you may wonder what the [...]

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